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Accentrate110 is NOW Available!

May 6, 2019

Accentrate110 is now available!

Almost immediately after launching Accentrate® for children, we were shocked by all the requests for an adult/teen version! We listened and developed Accentrate110® for individuals weighing more than 110 pounds. Since the adult ADHD brain has similar deficiencies as a child with ADHD, we adjusted and increased the healthy lipids and vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of adolescents, teenagers, and adults. Since an adult brain is not developing like a child’s, it can take longer to notice meaningful changes. We ask you to be patient, be consistent, and be positive. You are choosing a natural route for healing, and that takes time, consistency, and a positive mindset.

Accentrate110® contains a unique combination of Tissue-Targeted® EPA and DHA, L-Methylfolate, vitamins B6 and B12, vitamin D3, and magnesium. Like the children’s version of Accentrate®, no prescription is needed to purchase!

Accentrate110® is available in a 1 month supply, starting at $59.99 with a subscription. Also, available is the option to purchase in 3-month increments for a greater discount, starting at $54.99/month with a subscription. Visit our shop page to visually compare the prices.

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