General Questions

Are there any coupons or promotions?

Promo codes are sent out periodically in our newsletter. To sign up for our newsletter go to the footer on any page and sign up! We do scale our prices to where the more you buy the more you save. A 3 Month Supply on Auto Ship is our greatest saving. See our chart in our shop page.

New customers use promo code Trial15.

What is the return policy?

Since favorable results with Accentrate® are dependent on a person taking the product each day, and we cannot control compliance, we do not have a return policy. Each patient is different and some people need a month, and others need three months before noticing significant changes.

Please order accordingly.

Our guarantee is to provide premium nutrition and if Accentrate® is consumed then we are proudly doing that. It should also be noted that not all nutritional products are effective for every patient. We do stand by the quality and science behind Accentrate®.

Do you offer samples?

No, we do not offer samples as supplements, unlike medications, require time to incorporate in the body to see the effects.

How does the Auto Ship program work?

Its simple! When you place your order, select the option that says subscription (Auto Ship) and your order will renew every month or three months. Set it and forget it!

You will receive an email notification 5 days before the renewal. To make any changes to your subscriptions, reply to that email and we will happily take care of it for you.

All changes MUST be made 24 hours prior to the renewal.

You can cancel the Auto Ship at any time by logging into your account. You can also renew the subscription early if you are running low.

Is there any coverage through Medicaid or Medicare? Insurance?

Accentrate® is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, but Fenix tries to keep the price of its products low, despite premium ingredients, and is typically more affordable than competitors.

We do not know of any insurance companies that offer coverage for dietary supplements. We wish!

Many FSA and HSA will offer reimbursement with a doctors note and our invoice. Check with your coverage provider to see if this will be the case for you.

Who is Fenix Health Science?

Founded in 2017, Fenix Health Science, LLC. develops nutritional supplements that are specifically formulated to address nutritional concerns related to health issues. It is our goal to develop products that heal without hurting–today and in the future.

These supplements may be used as alternatives to medications or in conjunction with medication, which may help keep the medicinal dosage low and more effective. We developed Accentrate® to help our son with focus and emotional balance. Since our son uses Accentrate®, we are adamant about having the highest quality standards for both the ingredients and production facilities.

Our product roadmap includes nutritional supplements that support focus, mood, and emotional balance for adolescents and adults. Fenix Health Science, LLC. is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.

Management Team

Brett Bartel, Esq., M.S, and Chief Science Officer, has a strong background in the life sciences and intellectual property. He has prepared patent applications for nutritional supplements, medical devices and medical treatments, food technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals. He holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Law Degree from Georgia State University. Father of three and enjoys fitness, reading, and everything Game of Thrones related.

Andrew Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer, has been in the industry for over ten years and has a strong background in product development, data analytics and logistics in the supplement industry as well as pharmaceuticals. He is skilled in sourcing quality ingredients, manufacturers and seeing products develop throughout the commercialization process. He has a Bachelors of Science in Finance from Florida Gulf Coast University. He has played trombone for over twenty years and plays in many ensembles.  

Accentrate®/Accentrate110®/Accentrate® Gummy

Is Accentrate® a drug?

Accentrate® is not a drug. Accentrate® is not indicated to treat or diagnose any condition. Accentrate® is a nutritional supplement that has been specifically formulated to provide lipid nutritional support essential for healthy mood and cognitive function.

Does Accentrate® replace medication? Or can my child take them in addition?

We highly recommend you seek the counsel of your medical practitioner. However, we do have customers that take Accentrate® with medication and some customers that only take Accentrate®. There are no known adverse interactions between Accentrate® and medications.

What's the proper dosage for Accentrate®?

Children under 110 lbs should take Accentrate®. Accentrate® is a 1/day small soft gel.

Teens/adults over 110lbs should take  Accentrate110®. Accentrate110® is a 2/day soft gel.

Accentrate® Gummy is 3 gummies/day. Dosed for individuals under 110 lbs or for those who struggle with pill swallowing.

What time of day is best to take Accentrate®?

For Accentrate®, time of day doesn’t matter as much as consistency! If its easiest to remember in the morning, take in the morning. If the evening fits better with your routine, take it in the evening.

When will I notice Accentrate®’s benefits?

Each individuals genetics and nutritional needs are different. Noticeable improvement of focus and emotional balance can range between three weeks (some customers have reported even sooner) to three months.

We highly encourage you to be patient since nutritional supplements are not a quick fix. They should be taken daily for best results and given plenty of time to address the nutritional deficiencies that have been undersatiated for quite some time. We highly encourage giving Accentrate® 3 months to determine its effect. The longer a child is on Accentrate®, the better the potential!

My child can not swallow pills. Can I puncture the softgel? How big is Accentrate®?

Accentrate® is a softgel which is slightly larger than a Tic Tac. The contents can be punctured and squeezed out. That is not usually the optimal route because there will always be contents left behind which might alter effectiveness. However, if you wish to do it, then I would highly recommend mixing the the contents into something citrusy or a cold smoothie.

Accentrate® Gummy is an easy alternative for those under 110 lbs. that struggle to swallow pills. It contains all the ingredients in Accentrate® (softgel) with the addition of tyrosine—the amino acid precursor to dopamine—and Vitamin C, which is also necessary for proper neurotransmitter regulation.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known medication-like side effects to Accentrate®. Minor side effects (upset stomach, headache) are unlikely and rare but can happen for those that might be sensitive to high dose vitamins. If you are sensitive to vitamin supplementation, then it is highly encouraged to start with a one month supply.

The gummies have an ocean flavor. What can I do to mask this for my child?

If your child is struggling with the flavor of the gummies, try putting the bottle in the refrigerator. This can reduce the ocean flavor of the omega-3s and firm up the texture of the gummy as well if texture is an issue.

Is Accentrate® GMO free? Dye free?

Yes. Accentrate® is GMO and dye free.

Does Accentrate® contain gluten, lactose, sugar, or yeast? Peanuts?

No. Accentrate® is free of gluten, lactose, sugar, and yeast.

Accentrate® does not contain nuts. Contains shellfish.

MicroVita® Probiotics

Which probiotic should I take—Focus or Mood? Do I need to take one before the other?

These two probiotics were designed as part of the MicroVita® Kit and are best when taken one after the other. For example, take Focus for one month and Mood the next month, then repeat.

However, while we recommend taking the MicroVita® Kit, some individuals may find supplementation of only Focus or Mood more beneficial, so taking just one is ok as well. Talk with your medical practitioner to determine what is best for you.

How is taking MicroVita® Kit different from regular probiotics?

Many probiotics help improve digestion and provide healthy gut support, but MicroVita® contains probiotic strains that have been clinically shown to support normal mental well-being as well.

The MicroVita® Difference:

  • 1. Contain Six specifically selected strains in clinically validated amounts
  • 2. Support focus, mood, and emotional balance
  • 3. Contain three prebiotics that provide energy to the probiotics
  • 4. Alternating the probiotics and prebiotics monthly increases healthy microbiota variation
Who benefits the most from taking MicroVita®?

MicroVita® is formulated to help support focus, mood, and emotional balance. The benefits of MicroVita® often more noticeable among picky eaters. Healthy microbiota thrives on plant fibers and starches. Often picky eaters do not eat adequate amounts of vegetables, and MicroVita® supplements the deficient strains that arise from limited diet.

Does MicroVita® have to be refrigerated?

MicroVita® does not have to be refrigerated if consumed within two months of receipt. However, we recommend refrigerating MicroVita® in all cases in order to preserve potency.

Should MicroVita® be taken with food?

MicroVita® is best taken with food as nutrient absorption is better when taken with food.

When will I notice MicroVita®'s benefits?

While every individual is different, some of the clinical trials showed improvement in four weeks and others in eight weeks.

Why do you only ship MicroVita® Monday–Wednesday?

The benefits of probiotics are best conferred when they are still alive. To ensure the highest potency, MicroVita® is only shipped Two-Day shipping, which minimizes time with increased temperatures during shipping.

MZI™ Kids & Adults

What is MZI?

MZI™ is a mineral capsule that contains bioavailable forms of Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron that do not cause gastrointestinal issues. The capsules may be opened and the contents mixed with food-it is mostly tasteless. MZI™ is different than Accentrate® because it doesn’t have the omega-3s and vitamins–only the minerals. It is recommended to be taken at the same time as a meal, morning and night.

MZI™ is intended to either be taken with Accentrate®, and is substantially discounted (45% off) when purchased together, or as a standalone for those looking to add mineral supplementation to their medication regime.

When will I notice MZI™’s benefits?

Each individuals genetics and nutritional needs are different. Noticeable improvement of focus and emotional balance can range between three weeks (some customers have reported even sooner) to three months.

We highly encourage you to be patient since nutritional supplements are not a quick fix. They should be taken daily for best results and given plenty of time to address the nutritional deficiencies that have been undersatiated for quite some time. We highly encourage giving it 3 months to determine its effect.

Are there any side effects for MZI™?

There are no known drug-like side effects. If you are sensitive to mineral supplementation, then it is highly encouraged to start with a one month supply and speak with your medical practitioner.

When is best to take MZI™? With food?

MZI™ is recommended to be taken with food and for half the dosage to be taken in the morning and the other half in the evening.

What's the proper dosage for MZI™?

MZI™ kids is two capsules, one in the morning and one in the evening.

MZI™ teens/adults is four capsules, two in the morning and two in the evening.

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