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A Mom’s Review of Accentrate

July 25, 2019

Hey everyone. My name is Stacy.

I’m doing a review on Accentrate. I’m doing this because when I went and reviewed Accentrate for myself, I couldn’t find hardly any reviews, like real reviews. I found one review of a woman, but I couldn’t really tell if she was from Accentrate company, like being paid to do a review or not. I found that kind of sad, because it made me really skeptical of the company and of the vitamins or supplements.

I am a mother who likes to go organic as much as I can, or homeopathic. I like to know that my son is getting healthier through this ADHD process rather than going to medication. At least trying this route first before doing anything else. I’m doing this because I want other women, and mothers, and dads to be able to find a real review of what to expect with this company, and what side effects and symptoms I’ve been seeing, and so I’ve decided I’m going to track from here on out.

My son has been on Accentrate for a month now. Let me show you the box. I’m kind of excited about it. Here is the Accentrate box that you get in the mail. It’s a box with information all around it, which is pretty cool. It says everything.

Okay, so it opens up like this, and throughout the entire box, you have the information you can learn about it as you’re going. Here’s information about the vitamins, the magnesium. It says, “The vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the body tissues. Vitamin D is able to cross through the blood-brain barrier. Vitamin D is needed for proper regulation and expression of enzymes important in the biosynthesis of serotonin. B vitamin 6 and B vitamins B12 are also important for healthy dopamine and norepinephrine production. Magnesium has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier. Magnesium is a required co-factor and plays a major role in neurotransmitter synthesis.”

And then it goes on to say everything about Accentrate, and how the Omega-3s, like fish oil … and all the other information that you can find on here is just amazing. It just describes how ADHD children lack the capability of being able to absorb these nutrients as well as a regular person without this disorder.

It’s pretty cool when you get the pack. Each week it’s labeled. You have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten days in one packet. And they just slide out like this. They’re little gel tablets. My five year old cannot take pills yet. The woman, Jessica, from Accentrate spoke with me on their website, which is really cool that you can just chat with them in a chatbox on their website at any time.

She had told me that there are children as young as three years old on Accentrate, which made me feel really comfortable because it made me realize that him being five isn’t too young to be on Accentrate. She also told me that if you want to get your child to start taking pills, or learning how to take them, you start with little mini M&Ms, and then he can try to swallow them whole. And then you move up to Tic Tacs, and then you move up to these because these are a little bigger than Tic Tacs.

Me, on the other hand, have not gotten to that point yet, because I’ve only been through one month now. Today was his first month finished. What I have done is she told me that you can spill out the gels in these, and you can poke them. See, what I do … Here, I’ll show you. Here’s the pill, and you go along the line of the pill. When you get to the end of the vitamin, along the line, you poke a hole with the knife, and you just wiggle it a little bit to get it to open. And you squeeze the gel out onto any kind of foods that will block the fish oil smell, kind of.

I’ve picked peanut butter and jelly because that’s his favorite. Every morning … I know it’s not the healthiest, but it’s gotten him to be able to take this, so I was happy with that. Half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every morning so far for a month now. I’ve squeezed it out onto the jelly, and I mix it in really well so the jelly turns a different color. Kind of a lighter, more creamier color.

When I pour it out, I kind of get that fish oil smell. It like hits me in the face, but when I give it to him, after the half a sandwich is closed up, he doesn’t complain at all. I’ve tasted it, it does not taste at all, but it does have a slight smell of the fish oil smell when giving him that peanut butter and jelly every morning.

But him being a complainer about most things, he has not complained about the sandwich at all. He enjoys it, that was his favorite food, so I figured it was going to be really easy to get him to take this every morning. Because it was pretty much giving him what he’s been asking for every day anyway. It was an easy way to do that.

The first day I started out with squeezing out like maybe half of it, just for my own comfortability. I did half just to make sure that he was okay with it, he wasn’t allergic to anything in it, like the fish oils or anything like that. Or didn’t have any allergies or major rashes. I did read up on fish oil, and you can get certain things like rashes, or other things like belching, or slight headaches, or things like that. But he had not had any symptoms whatsoever the entire month he’s been taking Accentrate, which was excellent. I was a little bit scared of that.

The next package is labeled from 11 to 20, the next one is 21 to 31, and that’s a whole month here. And then it folds back up like this into its box again. It’s cool. I like how it comes.

Here’s the pill that he just took today after it’s squeezed out. There’s a whole pack of them emptied out. I wish I could get you guys to smell this through the pill, but I can’t. Let me see if I can’t get this in here. Okay. It’s just a gel pill that’s squeezed out now. He’s been doing wonderful with it.

Okay, so he’s been doing great. Let me figure out … there’s a little bit of sun there. Okay. He’s been doing wonderful with it. I’m seeing little signs of him getting better with his ADHD. I’ve seen him be able to focus a little better. He’s a little bit calmer. You could tell his brain goes through a thinking process differently than before, and it’s only been one month of him on this.

Jessica from Accentrate told me that it could take up to three months before seeing any significant signs. He’s still got two months to go, and he’s already showing positive signs. Also, his digestive system was a little messed up before. He would poop about three to, maybe if I had to guess, like seven times a day. Only little portions though. I knew it was okay, it was just in smaller portions. But he wasn’t pooping as we all do with just once or twice a day, once a day.

But now, his digestive system has actually gotten better, which I’ve read up and researched my own information on it, and it showed that kids with ADHD also can suffer from digestive issues just because they’re not absorbing proper nutrition or proper vitamins like we do. That affects your entire body. His digestive system has actually improved since he’s been on Accentrate, which I couldn’t even believe. I was really excited about that part. I didn’t think that was linked. But as soon as it started getting better, I started doing my research on that too and found out that it is linked, and it is a reason that it’s gotten better.

Also, there have been no side effects, no symptoms of any kind. Nothing. No bad ones. No rashes. His breath does smell a little funky from the fish oil if I don’t brush his teeth right away, but that’s about it. There are not much other signs yet, but we’re hopeful because there’s been small, little signs so far.

He’s his normal, energetic self. He’s happy. He’s just a bit calmer now, and he’s able to focus a little better. He was having really bad days in school. We have a journal for him in school with the teachers, which I’m sure most of you do too, if you have kids with ADHD. They want to keep consistent contact with parents, so you know what’s going on with them.

His journal read things like … On a daily basis, it would be Embree was in the corner today, curled up in a ball, couldn’t concentrate or focus. His defiance showed a bit more today, and he did not want to do his work. He refused, or he was defiant during lunch. He would do things like tipping his yogurt onto the table. One day he actually headbutted a teacher when she was coming up from behind him, and he accidentally … Well, didn’t accidentally. He threw a temper tantrum and headbutted the teacher with the back of his head. Not intentional, but it happened. There were little things like that, and signs that he was being disruptive in school. He was constantly running back and forth. He has this thing with liking windshield wipers, so he would do his windshield wiper thing.

Just normal reactions to not being able to focus in school like other kids. Other children are able to sit down, be calm, focus, put their attention into their work completely. He just couldn’t do like the other kids did, and it just made him feel like what’s the point of even trying if he couldn’t even sit down and take it in like other kids could? So, his best way of dealing with it was to be defiant, and show signs of outbursts, and just not having good days at school at all.

Now, he’s having better days at school. The teachers are saying in the journals there are days like Embree had an okay day today, he did all his work, but there was a defiant moment after lunch. Besides that, he had a good day. Other days is just he had a good day. Other days are still rough. It’s not a quick fix, it takes time, but he’s doing good.

I really hope this is going to help people out there. Parents who are wondering if Accentrate is okay to take for their kids and if it has any side effects or symptoms. I have not seen any at all in Embree, He’s doing great, and I just took him off to school. He’s in pre-K now, he’s five years old, or I would have him be in the video too. I’m going to track the rest from here on out with this Accentrate journey. I want other parents to be able to find more info on it and have more reviews out there for it.

Again, I’m not linked with Accentrate at all. I just wanted to put my review out there so that people can see how Accentrate is really working on my kid. He’s doing really good with it, and I’m excited to see how his signs of progress are within the next month or two. Today has been his 30th day, and he’s doing well.

Also, Omega-3s are known to be amazing for the brain, even without having ADHD, so I feel good about giving Embree these vitamins. I don’t give him a multivitamin anymore. He is being monitored by our family physician with this meds, and they’ve looked it up and saw the ingredients. The doctor said that it is not harmful in any way, they’re all water-based vitamins, so whatever isn’t taken up by the brain just gets flushed out. There’s no capability of overdosing on these vitamins.

The doctor’s actually really excited to see if this works as well. Since it’s kind of new, and she has not heard of it before, Embree’s pretty much her own test subject on Accentrate, so that she can give other concerned moms and dads another substitute on ADHD meds instead of going the medication route.

I’ll check back with you guys and let you know how he’s doing within the next 30th day, so that’ll be two months that he’ll be on Accentrate. And I’ll try to have him in this video for the next one. So, follow my page, and I’ll be back when … Even if he ends up showing any signs before then, or anything comes up, I’ll post videos of that too.

Thanks guys, see you later.

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