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Increasing Microbiome Diversity with MicroVita® Probiotics

September 19, 2022

Should I take MicroVita® Focus or MicroVita® Mood?

MicroVita® is intended to be taken as a kit where MicroVita® Focus is taken the first month, MicroVita® Mood is taken the second month. Why did we do it this way? To increase diversity in the microbiome!

Many expensive probiotics will provide ten, twelve, or even thirty-four probiotic strains in one product. Though all the strains may have healthy benefits, the problem with taking too many strains at the same time is that they will be competing against each other for colonization in the gut…and then few or none actually do.

The MicroVita® probiotics aim to create microbiome diversity by providing a variety of good bacteria in different stages, which allows time for the strains to colonize in the gut.

In the first month, MicroVita® Focus provides six specially-formulated strains that support proper dopamine regulation. Taking MicroVita® Focus for thirty days gives time for these six strains to colonize the gut without competing against multiple other strains. In the second month, MicroVita® Mood adds even more diversity by providing six different, additional strains that support proper serotonin regulation to colonize over the next month. Providing the twelve strains over the span of two months allows each beneficial bacteria strain to colonize without competing.

Sometimes an individual needs substantially more support with dopamine regulation and a practitioner may recommend taking only MicroVita® Focus for a few months or they may need support with serotonin regulation and just recommend MicroVita® Mood. Even if, initially, a person takes one product for a few months, we ultimately recommend that comprehensive support is found in taking the MicroVita® Kit.

Why is the gut microbiome important?

A healthy gut needs a diverse population of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics need to contain several strains in clinical amounts, and they need to be able to colonize without competition. MicroVita® probiotics are formulated to cultivate a healthy microbiome within the gut microenvironment to promote a happy, energetic, and focused self by restoring important, often missing, microbes.

You’ve likely heard that most disease begins in the gut, but did you know that the gut and brain are intimately connected? A bidirectional communication between the gut and the brain (called the gut–brain axis) is well-recognized, and the gut microbiota are viewed as a key regulator of this crosstalk.1 Microorganisms amounting to more than 1 kg inhabit the digestive tract; these are considered to be the most important microorganisms in the human body, and they are collectively called the gut microbiota.2

“It is well established that the gut microbiome…influences host development and physiology, playing a key role in the balance between health and disease.”3 The microbiota can experience changes, usually as a result of environmental impacts, which can cause a loss of diversity and/or important strains or even the addition of unhealthy strains.

The goal of the MicroVita® Kit is to restore the microbiota diversity that the nervous system relies on to impact mental health.

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