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Consistency is Key with ADHD

December 12, 2022

As we approach the holidays and winter break, it’s important to remember that staying consistent with your routine and supplement regimen will help you more easily regulate your ADHD symptoms.

Accentrate® is dietary supplement, so unlike medications, you will want to keep taking it regularly over the holiday break. Practitioners may tell patients they can stop their medication regimen when not at work or school to ease the side effects, but with omega-3 supplementation it takes time for the nutrients to accumulate for the brain’s use. By pausing supplementation, you are likely to re-start the process of accumulation and feel behavioral change like you did when you first started supplementing with Accentrate® or other products.

Tips for Staying on Track with Your Supplement Regimen:

  • 1. Keep supplements where you see them

    The kitchen counter is a typical spot, as it’s accessed often, out of direct sunlight, and not humid like the bathroom can be. If you’re traveling, putting them on top of the suitcase or in with the trip snacks can provide that reminder as well.

  • 2. Mealtimes make good reminders

    Some supplements are best taken with food, and some are not, so check each of your supplements before doing this. However, when you sit down to eat can be an easy time to take your pills.

  • 3. Grandma’s pillboxes aren’t such a bad idea

    If you’re traveling or going out to eat, it can be very convenient to get either a weekly pillbox or a small single one for daily use to easily transport your supplements. It makes it a little more challenging to lose track than a Ziploc baggie.

  • 4. Alarms are your friends

    We often have our phones on us, so setting a reminder or alarm on your phone can be a good practice in consistency as well.

Another aspect of staying on track is keeping your routine as consistent as possible over the break. It’s more difficult to do when we have time off, but it makes transitioning back to work or school easier once the break is over. Your sleep schedule, vitamin regimen, dietary restrictions, and screen time are areas where deviation is likely and can cause a reemergence of symptoms.

If you happen to miss a day or get off schedule, remind yourself it’s ok, but don’t give up! Moderation can also be a helpful way to enjoy the time without great consequences to mental health.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!

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