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Accentrate® Chewable Softgel is now available!

March 7, 2019

We are so excited to finally launch Accentrate® Chewable Softgel and there couldn’t be a better time as kids are adapting to challenging educational settings. Now, more than ever is it important to nourish the brain with nutrients that support attention, focus, and emotional regulation.

Ever since we launched Accentrate®, parents have been asking for a gummy for their children that can’t swallow pills. Kids love gummies and we had our R&D look extensively at a gummy. But there are problems with gummies we didn’t understand.

First, to blend the ingredients, they have to melt the pectin (what makes the gummy) and that requires raising it to 150 degrees. This heat will oxidize and degrade many of the nutrients. But once it’s cooled and dried, the ingredients are mixed throughout the gummy, which means all the ingredients on the surface area of the gummy are exposed to oxygen and will continue to oxidize and degrade.

At Fenix Health Science, we have always placed quality above gimmicks. We’ve always selected premium ingredients selected for improved absorption and the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. We did not want to make a gummy that would lose its nutritional value by the time it got to your doorstep.

Our R&D team suggested a chewable softgel. The idea is similar to a normal softgel except the gelatin is thinner and chewable. The ingredients are mixed at room temperature and don’t degrade from the “baking” that the gummies go through. We have added a natural cherry flavor to help mask the “fishy” taste. The softgel protects all the Brain-Ready® ingredients from the outside air.

While we believe kids will like the natural cherry flavor, we know that some of our kids are picky and we do hope to add additional flavors in time.  

Accentrate® Chewable Softgel has all the same ingredients as Accentrate® and it has the same amount of EPA and DHA as Accentrate®. Accentrate® Chewable Softgel is the ONLY supplement with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in the form that they are actually in in the brain that you can eat.

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